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In the process of setting myself up on Furiffic, I'm uploading my older works here; for the sake of ease of headaches and to provide context and descriptions, I'm including what I originally wrote for this piece below.  After starting to get serious about drawing in November of 2015, I'm quite proud of how much progress I've made--and I think if you find yourself curious to peek, you'll see those strides through these pieces too!

Original description:

This is a piece of gift art for   radio-parrot of their titular fursona!

For all of my bird love, this is actually my first full-on drawing of an avian character and made for another learning experience--which is always good stuff. I definitely need to do practicing on some new elements though, but all in all I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and hope Radio-Parrot is as well!

Altogether this piece took a little under 6 hours to complete. As I streamed it today, I unfortunately don't have a time-lapse of the creation process this time--but I really appreciate everybody who showed up to watch and encourage me on today!

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