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 Hey everyone, my name is Onyx and its nice to meet you :) I know I am a babyfur but I dont let that be the basis of who I am, although I am happy to be one and won't change it for the world, I do have so much more to offer. Firstly, I am really into metal and rock. Everything from classic stuff like AC/DC, Metallica, Judas Priest to extreme death metal and grindcore like Legion of the Damned, Malodorous, Born of Osiris, and everything far and in between. Secondly, I am really into sports, football is my top love, being a Cowboys and Texans fan, as well as a Longhorns fan. I also delve into hockey, baseball, basketball, and anything else which may spark my interest. The other big interest thiof mine is Magic the Gathering which i have been playing for years. Other things I am into are cooking, poker, video games, hanging out, writing poetry, and anything else which I may find fun. I am not looking for anyone to yiff or have sexual favors, I am just looking for friends. I am gay as well but females are still very cool in my book and wouldnt mind hanging out with them. So if I sound interesting, shoot me a IM, email, or response and I would love to hear from yall!

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Onyx Orion

18/01/2016 05:23


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