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pan/17/stupid idiot dumbass bastard 666/idiot she-bitch

i want die

for actual art just go 2 my deviantart over there ->

this website is still a hole of shit


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oh yeah also

so u can upload tunes on here so . i mgith be putting some awful noise music on here heres some of the stuff i have already that isnt. on here but its on bandcamp {}
04/04/2018 08:22
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hell website

hey gamers im here and im ready 2 cry jk haha so yeah. i joined this website bc of dolcisprinkles (like everyone on this damn website has) mmmmm thoughts so far: - what do u mean i cant put my terrifying furry guro art here - the hell is this interface - why are there so many yiff-related categor...
04/04/2018 08:18


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03/04/2018 06:47


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huge fucking idiot
03/04/2018 06:43


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pab posted

9 months ago

pab posted

03/04/2018 06:34

god dammit

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