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Hello, nice to meet you! I am Des (even though you can call Lucky,Jess or whatever you feel comfortable with).
I draw mainly digitally, but I also love drawing traditionally with pens,pencils,markers and oil paint. Though rarely nowadays, due to lack of materials, I can also sculpt,knit and sew plushes and clothing (one day I will try a fursuit). I have been drawing since 2010, and I am self thought artist. I am fine with drawing NSFW art (although I have exceptions for some fetishes out there).
I am currently a student in university in Denmark (DK is only study location, I do not know the language yet), majoring in Graphic design and business.
Since 2016 started I have been using only Medibang to draw, together with my lenovo mobile android tablet and my LG phone (yes, I am only drawing mobile nowadays, thank god medibang has an app). Due this I do not really have pressure to work with. My artworks before that period were either drawn in Firealpaca or SAI on my Trust tablet.
My main character is Jess, as she is based on me. She is a snow leox, which is a hybrid between snow leopard and fox. You are free to draw my characters, but please dont claim them as yours.

Art Status
 I am going to announce if I am to open anything.
Art trades: Closed
Requests: Closed 
Commissions: Open (only in DA/SL)


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Uh oh

Just noticed that I haven't had any journals here yet. Sorry for that. I am a really anxious person when it comes to communication. So I just wanted to make this journal to say thank you to all the people who subscribed to me, and to those who are liking my arts. It makes me smile. Just because I...
25/06/2016 14:50


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Honey Bunny

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perry99 posted

24/06/2016 08:26

Finally put some info on my profile ^^'

perry99 posted

15/06/2016 22:01

Finally done uploading. Will edit characters next!

perry99 posted

15/06/2016 20:09

Just finished submitting old works, going to start with 2016 things.

I am loving the options of the site so far ^^

perry99 posted

15/06/2016 18:39

Since I am new here, I will upload previous works that have stayed my favorite during the years, as well as my most recent ones ♥

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