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Trans male, short and ready to eat (or at lest take) all the food! :3

I'm free to rp but I like guy on guy sssooo If its adult stuff you know what to exspect XP


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Journal the first!

Ok so I'm really likeing this site! It has a nice set up so think I'm ganna use it more then fa now, its just lost its touch of you ask me P: So Ellvo all!
24/05/2016 05:55


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Male · Heterosexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Vera
Vega or vera as he likes being called, is the fifth youngest and the post problematic you could s...
24/05/2016 11:21


Male · Questioning ·
Role-playing Yes
He likes gentle guys but possibly like the ladies too? He's not too sure
23/05/2016 19:11


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Species: ferret
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Joined 22/05/2016 21:23


Species: kitsune
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Duo Theus posted to phake

25/02/2020 09:24

Please be okay, very worried about you

Duo Theus posted to phake

07/08/2018 06:54

Bonus, gotta work out and prepare yourself for the birthday bash

Duo Theus posted to phake

07/08/2017 08:52

Happy Birthday Phake butt!

Duo Theus posted to phake

21/07/2017 08:28

~leaves a hug~

Duo Theus posted to phake

05/06/2016 07:36

also managed to delete Fake from my characters, this way the mix up is over

phake · 05/06/2016 10:25 · 3 Replies

Aww ok, again I don't mind saying he's shared, I think it sounds cute >3<

Duo Theus · 06/06/2016 02:48

We could share him sexually, spit roast his hot ass haha. But hes yours and very loved

phake · 08/06/2016 16:24

That NEEDS to exist! I3I

Duo Theus · 08/06/2016 18:16

Do it! Draw it, either Phake and Duo split roasting, or my sona and Phake, time to please Fake hard lol, well probably Duo since they are married, but do it, make a sketch and enjoy yourself, omg that means so many fun things to you lol

Duo Theus posted to phake

04/06/2016 07:02

~pokes again~ Apparently I finally got another job

phake · 04/06/2016 16:56 · 1 Reply

Wow really!? Watt us it, nothing to hard I hope! Ooooh congrats I'm so pleased for you! * hug/crushes* 030

Duo Theus · 04/06/2016 18:36

No clue, check notes elsewhere as Im nervous

Duo Theus posted to phake

03/06/2016 07:09

~pokes with a stick again~

Duo Theus posted to phake

02/06/2016 06:41

~pokes more with the special stick~ hope youre not too tired to read what I had sent on the anniversary, I do know you enjoy them, so hoping you get back to me on that

Duo Theus posted to phake

02/06/2016 05:54

~pokes with the special stick and giggles as that sounded like an innuendo~ I miss you

phake · 02/06/2016 18:40 · 3 Replies

Haha, the innuendo, my mortal enemy X'D

Duo Theus · 02/06/2016 19:47

But chu like it ~wiggle wiggle flop flop~

phake · 03/06/2016 10:23

Lol I do -pokes you- -3-

Duo Theus · 03/06/2016 10:35

~murrs and does more wiggling and poking~ only for you, mr special butt

Duo Theus posted to phake

26/05/2016 09:21

I hope youre not avoiding me, do sorry if Ive upset you that much, feeling stalkerish as Im just extremely worried

JermaineJDragon32 posted to phake

25/05/2016 01:58

Haha I agree with your journal on liking it here, I love it here! ^.^ Thanks for the fave too!~ [emot=22]

phake · 25/05/2016 06:25

Np,  The pic us awesome :D

Duo Theus posted to phake

24/05/2016 19:18

Do want to apologize for my dumb behavior, again PTSD makes me go nuts. Still we do need to talk as I am concerned with your work and just other things from posts.

phake · 24/05/2016 21:38 · 1 Reply

*hugs* it's ok I know it can flear up and change how you act, I'll try to be around tomorrow coz I am working PX

Duo Theus · 25/05/2016 00:04

alright, I hope you can get on a comp or something since yahoo changed, the only place I can think of we can chat is sofurrychat, otherwise its like here in shouts and then everyone sees it and knows our stuff you know. But do need to chat with you, and worried about your work

Duo Theus · 25/05/2016 12:49

still hope youre not mad

Duo Theus posted to phake

24/05/2016 13:31

very sorry, im sorry, you must hate me, didnt want to upset you, just things you said, stress, sorry for hte post hurting you, i always loved you, did tnwa tto upset you, im a monster after all, an unloved monster everyone hates including you now too, im sorry, i dont want this to be good bye, but im terrified, and what my dads wife said, but no one seems to want me anymore, especially not in the way i need right now, my dad never said those words to me, you didnt either, i just wish i could hear them, just, what does it feel like when its genuine? I dont know, im out of mind, just wanted to say im sorry,

Duo Theus posted to phake

24/05/2016 08:50

~slaps your butt all over the place~

phake · 24/05/2016 11:07 · 1 Reply

Lol I read that as web! XP, well you can always just add me on new art if that easier I font mind :3

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 11:08

Ill add you everywhere, including my life, well youre already there haha. Just so glad to chat with you even here ~huggle tackles and plays your butt like drums laughing manically then giving you some pickled onions~

phake · 24/05/2016 11:18 · 1 Reply

Daww quite being so cute >u<, I only have my phone so I can't read/do any long posts it's too much for it to handle coz it's a lame phone D:

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 11:25

Yeah you gotta get both a new tablet and new laptop. Still though ~nuzzles your butt and holds it kisses it~ mine ♥ cause I wub chuuuu I wont stop being cute. But my brother is talking to me now, oh boy is he just low and down

phake · 24/05/2016 11:29 · 1 Reply

The laptop is ......Ugh it works but for some reason it flickers rapidly but only here! My dad had it for a few days and it was fine....D| you'll kill me with cuteness! *nuzzles you* oh ya, how's he doing?

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 11:34

~squeaks softly with the nuzzles and licks your lips because hes feeling like a daredevil today~ yeah you need a new one, I do hope I get work soon, thinking of trying to get my old job back.  My brother is doing terrible terrible, talking to him on messenger now and hes is more then a complete wreck and hes being such a fucking dumbass

phake · 24/05/2016 11:37 · 1 Reply

*paws at your face* hee X3, I might get one for me just for art? The food one or the tax (was it tax?) One? What did he do?

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 11:45

~puts a condom in his maw like your icon and raises his brows at you all cute like~ The tax one. And an art touch tablet could work, so you can take art with you, same with new laptop so you can get skype and we could chat better and more

phake · 24/05/2016 11:49 · 1 Reply

Ha yes that's pretty hot XP, ah that would be brillient! Think you can get it? Must be lots of tax evasion in vagas, Oooh are they pricey? Ugh I need more cash to get all this stuff 030

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 12:09

~spits out condom and whispers in your ear 'we dont need condoms love, it would be destroyed anyways'~ I hope I can get it, doubtful, but I hope.  And yes, tablets and laptops are pricy, but you do need both, this way when you travel you have a tablet, and at home you have laptop, least with tablet you can skype too. I need cash too ughhh.  My brother though, hes being very low, guess he talked to my dad recently and my dad said some very heart breaking things to him. Things my dad says to me, he just flat out told my brother and my brother finally realizes how I feel and how our dad really is, our dad just doesnt care.

phake · 24/05/2016 12:14 · 1 Reply

*spots out tea* well I never x//u//x, I hope so to! I know it's not ways but big yourself up! You need this, might save up for one after my birthday, Ross has a lot of hospital trios coming up PX, for the 'baby' that must have been bad....think you could stay with him or is he I'm collage dorms?

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 12:28

~laughs and licks up tea from your face then snuggles you~ we work so well dont we x3 Not sure, i dont think I will though, i really dont. Baby remark??? hope ross is doing fine, had sort of a dream about him a couple of nights ago.  My brother is in college and a few states away, wouldnt be able to stay with him unless we had an income and good housing. I kinda wish I was with him, hes finally learning hes alone, and hes feeling like hes on my level of alone and learning what heart lonely feels like and its just tearing him apart. Hes not used to having feelings at all so its a big rush for him in a bad way.

phake · 24/05/2016 13:13

Hehe so ture >3<,  well I hope you do it would really help out, oh I mean your brother is the baby isnt he, cant be easy to deal with your dad turning on him, Ross is ok but it tough for him,

phake · 24/05/2016 13:13

Uah posted too fast!

phake · 24/05/2016 13:15 · 2 Replies

It's horrible but be needs to learn to deal with this to a degree, he needs to learn how to cope and recover and Thats hard! :c

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:37

'Very true ~smooches then gasps~ I really hope I can get it. Triggered right now due to my brother and talking about my dad and being here.. I need to talk to someone real bad now
Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:37

'Very true ~smooches then gasps~ I really hope I can get it. Triggered right now due to my brother and talking about my dad and being here.. I need to talk to someone real bad now
Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:38

'Very true ~smooches then gasps~ I really hope I can get it. Triggered right now due to my brother and talking about my dad and being here.. I need to talk to someone real bad now

phake · 24/05/2016 13:39 · 1 Reply

Aww no Thats not good, can you call your brother? :C

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:42

this is so bad and glitchy I cant eventalk to you here, not sure if you are even getting this, i hate this, hence all the messages I just left on FA, I feel I cant even contact you anymore ~cries and freaks out~

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:44

my bro went to bed wanted to stop talking now Im freaking out and need someone close to talk with and I cant talk to anyone and just feel like my heads going to blow and I hate this so damn much and I cant even talk to you because this website is being super glitchy and Im getting attack messages from it now

phake · 24/05/2016 13:48 · 1 Reply

It's ok I can seeyohr messages, s there anything you wanna talk about to get your mind off things? :c

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:51

need to talk elsewhere I dont know how ugh I hate this, it never loads, keeps telling me my posts arnt going, guessing you gave up on FA like everyone else too so you probably didnt see my messages there, just panicing

phake · 24/05/2016 13:52

I saw them, just try to breath ok :C

Duo Theus · 24/05/2016 13:54

Its not breathing, my head feels like its going to split, my vision is getting blurry, im starting to get the shakes, and just feeling hopeless very bad, hope you get this

Bun Fluffpaws posted to phake

23/05/2016 18:38

Are you going to CFz this year? 

phake · 23/05/2016 20:45 · 4 Replies

An, after all the trouble the other big con had I was worried something would happen so I'm skipping this year :c

Bun Fluffpaws · 23/05/2016 20:49

Trouble? which are you talking about? 

Bun Fluffpaws · 23/05/2016 21:02

oh wow, yeh i knew about the gas one, but what happened at rainfurrest, thats people destroying it for others -.- 

phake · 23/05/2016 21:07

From what u hear it was BAD....also hear that maybe, MAYBE it was deliberate, like a group doing it to, I Donno mess the furry image?  :c

phake · 23/05/2016 20:45 · 4 Replies

you going?

Bun Fluffpaws · 23/05/2016 20:50

Yep, mainly just to relax and meet up with friends that i haven't seen since last year. 

phake · 23/05/2016 20:59

Aww lucky duck! Have lots of fun! :D (sorry replied a bit fast to the other comment! :X )

Bun Fluffpaws · 23/05/2016 21:03

hehe thanks, i plan to, events|fursuiting|bouncing around|drinks :D hopefully will see you again somewhere and time 

phake · 23/05/2016 21:08

Aww sounds so fun! I am making mcm but it's no confuzzled 030

Ghostie posted to phake

23/05/2016 13:26

yo thanks for the fav !

phake · 23/05/2016 15:28

Np :3

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