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hello there!!

my name is ham (28yo, they/them) and i am a canada-based artist living with my partner and our kitty in a lovely home!

i am here to share my art and work on commissions for you!

i have uploaded my ychs here, but feel free to check my full art info here and don't hesitate to contact me if you want any custom work or to purchase a ych slot or adoptables!!

thank you, and have a great day ♥


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mailing list setup!

if you are interested in my ych/custom commission listings and want to receive email updates whenever there is a new one, please dm me your email address and preferred name and i will add you to my mailing list![lb] [lb] people on the mailing list may also receive exclusive discounts and early access to unique ychs in the future!! [url=http://www
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