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hello there!!

my name is ham (28yo, they/them) and i am a canada-based artist living with my partner and our kitty in a lovely home!

i am here to share my art and work on commissions for you!

i have uploaded my ychs here, but feel free to check my full art info here and don't hesitate to contact me if you want any custom work or to purchase a ych slot or adoptables!!

thank you, and have a great day ♥


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coming out to parents - want to work more

ham's "prepare for the worst" commissions/donations post[lb] [lb] i apologize for this entry, but commissions still are my only source of income, and on top of that, i am finally going to come out to my parents next week[lb] [lb] [lb] even if our relationship has become strained over the years, they have still financially supported me when i needed it, and i am not expecting to have a good reaction with coming out, and for that reason i want to push for as much work as possible to add to our safety funds[lb] [lb] [lb] all my commissions are discounted for at least one more week for the holidays, to be finished before Christmas![lb] [lb] [lb] you can get a simple coloured sketch, or a tiny pixel sprite for as little as $5 (they work great as icons), or a fully painted two person piece with a pretty background for $35 with the ongoing sale - or anything in between[lb] [lb] [lb] i also have several ych templates that you can choose to have your ocs, characters or fanart in, going for 1 template for $30, 2 for $50, etc for fully shaded pictures with this sale[lb] [lb] [lb] if you can't afford a commission, you can donate as little as $1 to either my paypal or ko-fi - but if you do more than $5 i insist on drawing something for you!! i have never felt as good with making art as now, and i Love and want to create happy things for my friends whenever possible[lb] [lb] [lb] you can dm me here or on discord (somniari#9496) to set up your commission!![lb] [lb] [lb] paypal: [b][url=https://t
10/12/2020 20:42

mailing list setup!

if you are interested in my ych/custom commission listings and want to receive email updates whenever there is a new one, please dm me your email address and preferred name and i will add you to my mailing list![lb] [lb] people on the mailing list may also receive exclusive discounts and early access to unique ychs in the future!! [url=http://www
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