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coming out to parents - want to work more

Published: 10/12/2020 20:42

ham's "prepare for the worst" commissions/donations post

i apologize for this entry, but commissions still are my only source of income, and on top of that, i am finally going to come out to my parents next week

even if our relationship has become strained over the years, they have still financially supported me when i needed it, and i am not expecting to have a good reaction with coming out, and for that reason i want to push for as much work as possible to add to our safety funds

all my commissions are discounted for at least one more week for the holidays, to be finished before Christmas!

you can get a simple coloured sketch, or a tiny pixel sprite for as little as $5 (they work great as icons), or a fully painted two person piece with a pretty background for $35 with the ongoing sale - or anything in between

i also have several ych templates that you can choose to have your ocs, characters or fanart in, going for 1 template for $30, 2 for $50, etc for fully shaded pictures with this sale

if you can't afford a commission, you can donate as little as $1 to either my paypal or ko-fi - but if you do more than $5 i insist on drawing something for you!! i have never felt as good with making art as now, and i Love and want to create happy things for my friends whenever possible

you can dm me here or on discord (somniari#9496) to set up your commission!!

paypal: (in USD preferably)


my carrd with all my your-character-here templates:

check my gallery for all my finished work!

thank you so much for reading this far and your support!

share this even if you can't afford a commission please, and wish me luck...

ily guys, be safe! Posted using PostyBirb

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