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heyo! im fire ! not to be confused with the element , although I can control it :3

im 20 years old

im a male

im bisexual

I have some kinks but if you wanna know that you gotta message me ;3

im always open to messages and always looking to commission people so feel free to hit me up!

I will rp with almost anyone I guess im an rp slut?

I cant draw worth a damn but I can play music! anything else you gotta message me though :3


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man I keep forgetting that I actually have an account here, but im back! ill try and post anything that I get that's new (especially with a new ref that I got as you might have seen) but on top of that im also looking to commission!! maybe an animation bit ? or maybe some pixel art , not sure wha...
24/01/2018 07:37


so lately ive been thinking of what other forms of art I could get for my sona , and for a while I couldn't think of any , but after watching a bit of anime(cause why not) I had thought. "what would my sona (fire) look like as a human, am I the only one who has wondered about it or just wanted to...
18/09/2017 20:11


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09/09/2017 20:33
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09/09/2017 20:33


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fire crescent posted

05/09/2017 19:03

bored in the middle of the ocean someone shoot this lonely fur a message

Bran · 08/09/2017 03:49


fire crescent · 08/09/2017 17:02

oh no the kracken :O

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