Raflle the Dragon is feeling Calm
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Raflle was born in China, but was abandoned as a baby by her biological parents.  Luckily, she was adopted from the orphanage and has lived in the United States with for as long as she can remember.

Raflle is 20 years old

Favourite Food

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A college student that works part-time in a local shop

Extra Details

Misc. Information (SFW)

- Raflle only sleeps on her side or stomach because of her backwards-facing antlers

- She loves to play Pokemon and watch cartoons

- Her ideal day is relaxing with nothing to do

- She is easily impressed by mundane things


Misc. Information (NSFW)

- 98% submissive

- terrible at being a dom but willing to try for her partner

- She doesn't like to admit it, but is is at least moderately kinky and willing to try most things

- She will kinkshame playfully, but not seriously

- Some things she is not into though are scat and babyfur


1.8 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches


67.42Kg · 10 Stone, 8.63 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type


Extra Attributes

- Raflle has no outstanding physical abilities, aside from a naturally powerful bite

- She walks with a slight hunch and her neck bent, so she rarely reaches her full height

- Like many of her kind, she can levitate off of the ground to fly even without wings

- Her right horn broke off a while ago and has yet to grow back

- Each hand has five fingers, and each foot has 4 toes plus a dew claw

- Her ears are usually angled downward, but sometimes she'll get excited and they'll stick up

- Raflle's entire body is covered with short, yellow fur

- She has longer, purple hair around her neck, down her spine, on her elbows, and around the tip of her tail

- Her eyes and nose are both a pinkish-purple color; however, her eyes are brighter and more saturated

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My first fursona ♥

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