Red Rogan Marshall the Opossum is feeling Trippy
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I'm a traditional comic artist out of Tampa, Florida. I spend my free time practicing black magic, watching every animated movie in order, and taking care of my four cats. My current personal project is a comic book called Dragons.

I'm broke and I got broke shit. Commissions are ALWAYS open.

If you like my work, please consider donating to me on Ko-Fi.


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$5 Emergency Commissions (Special offer!)

I just lost my job and am about to be homeless, so I'm offering $5 4x6 inch pen and ink drawings (this includes shipping.) For $10 I'll add a background or color, and for $15 I'll do both. I'm trying not to spam with uploads, but there's examples of my work on my page, and examples + prices of th...
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Oof, sorry for spamming guys! Just trying to get my crap all uploaded lol