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HI! We're the art account for Rigganmore.com! This is where we sell adoptables using our older artwork.ou

Most adoptables are 5$ flat. However some of the more fancy ones will go up in price. We only have 5 species. NO We don't draw items, NO We're not changing the lineart just for you.

Prices are listed in their description upon posting them.

You may not remove the logo in the lower right corner. (When you purchase the pet, the logo in the middle is removed and you are privately messaged your pet.)
You have the right to resize, crop, or prune the original image for posting.
You may draw your own items and or trinkets on your pets. (This is a service we do not provide.)
You can post your pets anywhere they're allowed.
If you want to breed pets, that's okay! If you would like help doing so, Message our inbox please.
You may get fanart of your pets. After all they are yours.
You may not use these pets for anything other than collecting and tinkering with. (Do not make chickensmoothie like pets, or click pets out of these. The artwork is copyright to Rigganmore.com)

If you are found in violation of any of these rules, your rights to your pet will be revoked, and it might be resold to a new owner.

Thank You

If you would like to see the game being made. You can check us out at any time at the website. or visit the demo to see our species in action. http://www.rigganmore.com/demo


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Selling Adoptables

I'm selling adoptables using some artwork we are retiring from the site. We need the money to pay servers and to keep funding the programs we're using to manage the server.
15/06/2016 12:51


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19/10/2016 14:45


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