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Yet another home of RTFM Comics!

I shuffled here on recommendation when viewer participation on my other accounts suddenly dried up leaving me waving my papers around an empty room. We shall see if I fare any better here.


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Trying to function

I still have a small avalanche of comics to move over here but I suck at time management. And energy management. And filling out the mountain of paperwork neeed for each comic. Seriously theres a lot more stuff to fill out over here. Ill get there.
21/03/2016 10:05

Getting Settled In

Sorry for the spam guys! It will ne a few days before I get all my comics shunted onto this new gallery! I'll try to only upload a fistful at a time so the new submission page isn't just covered in me....
27/01/2016 05:31


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Nonbinary · Kadjii · Asexual ·
Role-playing No
Lithe cat dragon with a volatile temper.
27/01/2016 10:14


Male · Squabbit · Heterosexual · Scorpio
Role-playing No
Nicknames Nate, Nicholas, Jack O'Nicholai
Fluffy cross between a squirrel and a rabbit, Nathan loved to game in almost any fashion!
27/01/2016 09:46


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