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This was done yesterday morning and was pretty fast, compared to my usual times. Started at around 7am, finished by 9:30am.

As far as my 3D art goes, this is one of my absolute favorites. This was born as the song of the same name by Tarja Turunem got stuck in my head in the morning (it's a weird characteristic of mine: every morning, a different song will get stuck in my head. Today, for example, it's "Die Alive" by the same artist. And I haven't heard her stuff since 2010!). Put along the little pose I kinda mimicked with an oar after rowing training and the pic was pretty much in my head. The pose was custom made, the hair and hood, as usual, had to be adjusted in Zbrush, both due to clipping and because I wanted that 'windy' feeling to it. The background was originally just the snowy landscape, but since I recalled the last one being a little too empty, I manually added the closer tree, rocks, graves and tower. The lights were pretty easy to get right (just had to increase the dome size) and so were the shaders. The background was a bit of an accident that worked very well and lastly, the foggish effect in the back, which hilariously, was the most render-heavy element in the image. Since I was gonna leave it rendering through the night, I attempted to increase 'Render Quality' from 1 to 500, since I had no idea what that affected. I saw the results this morning: 9 and a half hours of render and it was at 0.12%. And that's the image you see here. I can't help but imagine what 100% would look like. Presumably, she'd walk right through your screen and into the real world. lol

Also, don't worry, I'll also get back to 'regular' arting this week. I'm actually starting to miss it...minus the fact I'm redoing several pictures lost in the last crash. Though I -might- experiment a bit with merging them with 3D, mainly the backgrounds, since those take a huge amount of time. Maybe even the character poses. We'll see. x3

PS. I need to work on hairs. They look like noodles. x_o
PPS. I'm also submitting them at 1080p size. Let me know if it's too huge. I also changed all my previous ones to fullsize as well.

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