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Woke up today (after a long 10+ hours "nap") and, for some reason, was engaged in my usual shitty lines of thought: what I could be doing, what I should have done, who I could have been, the people I've let down and so on...and the resulting desire was, surprise surprise, to disappear. This image began forming at that time. However, some things changed radically throughout...

[Technical Notes]
Yeah, from where I left off above...Some song got stuck to my head. Except I haven't heard the band since...what, 2011 or so? So I immediately got up (keep in mind it was 6 in the morning of a rainy saturday, a miracle in itself) and downloaded the songs again...and somewhere along the way, began doing this. Except that, despite the songs being pretty depressive most of the time, they had a nice "hopeful" feel to them. So the "vent sketch" I started got a bit...uh, overblown, as I got loaded with happies. What surprises me here though is that it took around...2 hours to do this (8~10 AM). Sure, the anatomy is broken as fuck (mainly the -gigantic- head), but I was in a more painterly-detailed mood (it's a hint: the more inspired I was, the more shitty the anatomy xD). Even left it in B&W to focus more on detail and value and such. Maybe as a proof of concept for me, namely that I don't need heaps of time, perfect skills and extensive fixing to make stuff I'm happy with. :3
...Hell, I was so positive I almost felt like attempting to ask one or more artists I liked for help/tips/pointers. And I didn't because that's -massively- hard for me to do. Ever. <_<v

So yeah, random bout of inspiration there. Let's see if it happens again...preferably in less than a year. xD


When I first started (8:04 AM):https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u.....2008.04.42.png

When the hopefuls started to show up (8:10 AM):https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u.....2008.10.47.png

When I began shading while still being kinda unsure (8:22 AM):https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u.....2008.22.22.png

Last one because I got too focused, when I began feeling more confident (8:37 AM):https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u.....2008.37.52.png

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