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New perler badge/ scene set up themed commissions!
This little scenes come with a provable background prop plant, a remember able character pixel badge that you can attack to a lanyard and wear at cons, and a added bonus you get a free head bob icon with your order ! The scenes the self take roughly 4 hours to put together and produce. Eyes come shut standard in the perlers.

I am selling these at $30 plus shipping and prices goes up depends on how complex the character is and what kinda of background prop you would like.
To order one please fill this out!

Order form :(can be posed here or noted to me)
User name:
Character(s) ref, or description:
Character species:
eyes open or shut in the icon:
Type of prop in the background for the perler:
Ground color for the perler:
Any additional info:
Note me the e-mail address to send the invoice to
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