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<div class="bbcode bbcode_center"><strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">wiggle attack on titan iconsPlease F5 to see all the branches of the military's badges!

These are $10 each!


Rules and info
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-You can order as many slots as you would like at one time.

- Slot can be any species/ gender.

- Please post here, or note me if interested!


-These are sfw

-Serious buyer only please!

- PayPal only

Icon turnaround time is PER Icon in the order.

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Order form

Character ref, or description:
What color undershirt:
scout,Military police, survey corps, or basic jacket:
Any additional info:
Email address to send the invoice to:

If you have any questions please feel free to note me or post here! [/b]
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Please be aware my TOS apply to these commissions as well you can find them on my front page.

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Sampes :
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