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Hello, you can call me Shi.
25 ♊ June 7 | INFP ☮️ | ♀️ ✊ | taken 👑 10.10.15 | bunny mom 🐇
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Checking in

I've been a little AFK lately, but it's only because I am in the process of finding an apartment and moving. I'll try to check in more often though, I didn't realize the time was going by so quick! ^^' I hope everyone is doing well this week ♥
1 month ago
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Don't forget Artist Credit!

I'm glad to see people posting more on here, there is one thing I wish people would remember more though- and that is to credit the artist in the descriptions! I keep seeing this and I hope that newer commissioners will learn. Even if there's a signature on the art, it is polite to add a link to ...
2 months ago


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Female · Horse · Bisexual ·
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Nicknames Crysti
2 months ago


01/03/2019 03:50


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Obscene Tilki

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Puanny posted to shibeari

2 months ago

thank you so much for the subscription :3 hope you enjoy my works!

Foxy Flapper posted to shibeari

2 months ago

Thank you for the watch!

shibeari · 2 months ago

Of course! ♥