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Hello, you can call me Shi.
25 ♊ June 7 | INFP ☮️ | ♀️ ✊ | taken 👑 10.10.15 | bunny mom 🐇
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hmm [blocking]

This site apparently won't allow you to block someone who has already blocked you. This is somewhat annoying because it still shows posts from the person who blocked you, so you'll see posts that you can't reply to and that the person who did the blocking don't want you to see anyway (I assume). ...
1 month ago
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Hello Furries~ My pet rabbit got sick and then so did I, so I've just been scrambling around for a few weeks now trying to catch up with my Patreon & commissions. I just have a few things to upload here so I won't be doing a big art dump, just a couple a day maybe. ♥ ♥ --shi
1 month ago


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Maid Marian

1 month ago


Female · Horse · Bisexual ·
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Nicknames Crysti
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Obscene Tilki

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El fluffy bardo posted to shibeari

5 months ago

thank you so much for the subscription :3 hope you enjoy my works!

Foxy Flapper posted to shibeari

5 months ago

Thank you for the watch!

shibeari · 5 months ago

Of course! ♥