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Checking in

I've been a little AFK lately, but it's only because I am in the process of finding an apartment and moving. I'll try to check in more often though, I didn't realize the time was going by so quick! ^^' I hope everyone is doing well this week ♥
1 month ago
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Don't forget Artist Credit!

I'm glad to see people posting more on here, there is one thing I wish people would remember more though- and that is to credit the artist in the descriptions! I keep seeing this and I hope that newer commissioners will learn. Even if there's a signature on the art, it is polite to add a link to ...
2 months ago
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Another Week

How was everyone's weekend? I was pretty busy but now I'm back to drawing! BTW I'm doing an art giveaway raffle over on my FA since I'm almost at 1500 watchers over there --> {} Feel free to give me a +watch...
2 months ago

Gallery upload complete

Thanks everyone for your patience while I uploaded the rest of my gallery ♥ I tried spacing things out a bit so I only had a few on the front page at once. I really hope the site traffic goes up because I like the features of this site and I want it to be more popular. Remember to always give ou...
2 months ago


I was a little busy over the weekend and I also want to give other people time on the front page and get a break from my art ;P But I'll try to finish up today! If you're reading this please remember to go like a bunch of posts on here today and make some comments too!
2 months ago
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I wish more people used this site! I'm going to try to do my part around here and comment on things, keep my gallery updated. Maybe if there's more activity on this site then people will be on more. Be the change I guess :)
2 months ago

gallery updated!

All uploaded :) Sorry for taking over the front page a little bit. Never let me leave again!! (Joy)
05/02/2019 23:10
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Favorite artist?

trying to be more active here ^^' Who is your favorite artist on this site? :)
18/01/2018 01:48


Sorry for the slow arts, for those that don't follow me on FA I was in the hospital earlier this month! They never figured out what was wrong (i went in with stomach pains, fever etc) but I feel almost back to normal now other than some IV bruising and sniffles :) I'll be back to posting more ar...
13/12/2017 18:33
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i forgot my password here for a while >.< should i be active here again? :) EDIT: 11/12/17 please excuse me while I upload everything from the past few weeks ^^' EDIT: 11/13/17 all caught up now
10/11/2017 23:30