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Published: 1 month ago

I wish more people used this site!
I'm going to try to do my part around here and comment on things, keep my gallery updated. Maybe if there's more activity on this site then people will be on more. Be the change I guess :)

Hazel · 1 month ago · 4 Replies

yeah i noticed this site is lacking communications and interactions :< it made me feel rather lonely so that's why i was a bit inactive.. :c but i'm glad people like you are making a change ^w^

shibeari · 1 month ago

hopefully more people will do the same! ^^

Hazel · 1 month ago

yeah.. ^-^ maybe i could try again! :D

shibeari · 1 month ago

you can do it!

Hazel · 1 month ago

thanks ^-^ even though my memory's not that great, i'll try my best and remember to interact more :3

Replic · 1 month ago · 3 Replies

Glad you want to make this more active, I do hope we can make it work :) I'll try to keep an eye out ^^

shibeari · 1 month ago

that's awesome! as long as we all do a small part then it will add up to a lot :)

Replic · 1 month ago

true! :)

Hazel · 4 weeks ago

yea! :D a little means alot ^w^

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