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hmm [blocking]

Published: 1 week ago

This site apparently won't allow you to block someone who has already blocked you. This is somewhat annoying because it still shows posts from the person who blocked you, so you'll see posts that you can't reply to and that the person who did the blocking don't want you to see anyway (I assume).

What's more is that the feedback button doesn't lead anywhere, lol xD

I'd just rather not see posts from people who have me blocked either way tbh, can this be fixed?

Aoi The Dragon · 1 week ago · 2 Replies

Did you go to your preferences (settings) and click on the blocking tab? There, you can manually enter a user's name and it will block them for you without having to go to their profile. Name suggestions will even come up as you type. ^^

shibeari · 1 week ago

yup, it said they were already blocked! but they're not added on my block list and they still show up in submissions so it seems like if you're already on someone else's block list the site somehow assumes they're already on your list too. It's odd for sure ^^'

Aoi The Dragon · 3 days ago

Ah, I see. That definitely kinda sucks! ^^'

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