Sibylla the Rabbit is feeling Mischievous
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I don't have a "fursona",

I only have characters!

🌸Main Characters🌸

Chiyo | Scottish Fold (Cat)

Illiya |Chinchilla

Chiho | Ferret

Chai| Fennec Fox

🎠Planned Cons🎠





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08/10/2017 20:33

Pixel the Ferret

30/09/2017 17:12


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Species: cat
Artist Type: crafter
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Species: human
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SparkleMutt posted to Sibylla

16/09/2017 17:51

Thank you for watching <( • v •)/ also your art is so precious and you have such lovely character oh my gosh!!

Sibylla · 16/09/2017 19:47

ahh jeez ; w; too many compliments, my heart is melting. QWQ;

lupeyroo posted to Sibylla

20/02/2017 09:34

Welcome to furiffic! Your art is adorable!

Sibylla · 20/02/2017 19:00

Ahh thank you ^w^~

Bran posted to Sibylla

11/02/2017 21:01

Hiya! Welcome to Furiffic! First, we're glad to have you here and hopefully you enjoy your time here c: Also, I saw you are somewhat interested in Roleplay :D If that's the case, I run Furiffic's largest roleplay group and we would love to have you c: We moved our base of operations off of Furiffic itself and now we use Furiffic's Discord server for most of our stuff, so i highly reccomend you check it out c: PM me if you're interested and I'll hook you up with the link. Since you also appear to be a gamer, Discord is great for that kinda stuff and we have many furs who play Overwatch, (myself included), so once again I highly reccomend checking us out c: I hope to see you around here and the Discord server! If you need any help with anything or have any questions at all, I'll be happy to help!

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