Chapter 16: Guests

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Chris woke to Hunter shaking him awake with an eager grin. “What is it?” he asked

as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Isn’t it time for you to get ready for class,” Hunter urged excitedly.

“Hunter, you have been to class before. Why are you so excited today?” Chris

complained as he checked the time on his clock. “Shit Hunter… we have an hour until we

have to get up yet,” he continued to complain as he rolled over.

“I am excited. This formula is working so well. I should be able to actually talk to

someone or pay attention to what is happening during class for a change,” Hunter explained

as he failed to restrain his foolish grin.

“Hunter, would this formula be safe for others?” Chris asked curiously, as he thought

of Kyra’s confessions to him.

“I am sure it is but I don’t know of many who would want to leave themselves

impotent,” Hunter answered with a frown.

“What about a weak dose? Could it curb the same things for others?” Chris asked as

he stifled a yawn.

“It could but I would have to do a little testing to determine a mild dose. Have you

started having difficulty?” Hunter questioned with a frown.

“Well, there are some rather attractive females in class. Sometimes it makes it hard

to concentrate,” Chris explained carefully. He hadn’t actually thought about using it himself.

He wondered if Kyra would be willing to subject herself to some testing.


“I should be able to begin testing sometime this week if you wish,” Hunter offered

with a frown. He knew the man was close, but obviously, the man was closer than he



Chris was surprised when Blake joined them as they proceeded to class. However, it

wasn’t as big of a surprise as seeing Maya for the first time in weeks. However, she didn’t

have a bounce in her step this time. Her ears didn’t curve forward with her steps. Nor did

she have her perky manner about her. Instead, one ear hung limply from her head while

the other appeared broken in the middle to hang limply to the side. His heart nearly broke

as she studied the ground as she shuffled along. “What happened to her?” Chris whispered

after he watched her pass.

“Alley cats happened to her. They caught her on her way home from the club. They

had their way with her for three days before they let her go. She hasn’t been the same

since,” Blake grumbled as he stared after the poor girl.

“Little one… Little one,” Hunter called to the poor creature, before he trotted after

her, once she stopped dead in her tracks. However, she refused to look up at him to meet

his eyes.

Chris felt foolish as he trotted after Hunter with the others. However, he didn’t know

why he felt that way. He found himself exchanging worried glances with his friends as they

watched his strange roommate kneel in front of Maya.

“I may have something to help,” Hunter began as he removed a portable tissue

regenerator from one of the hidden pockets from one of the folds in his clothes. “Don’t be

afraid,” he instructed before he turned to the others. “Do you fellas mind gathering around?

I will need my eyes for this,” he added before he turned back to the small creature while the

others gathered to block the early sun from his sensitive eyes. He scanned her to find only

minor wounds and scars. “You will feel a little warmth, but you it will not hurt you,” he

assured as he used his gloved hand to straighten one ear before he activated the tissue


regenerator. He could feel her shiver under his touch and it caused him to struggle to

control his emotions. He needed to finish what he started. Once the ear stood on its own, he

proceeded to the next. He took a few deep breaths as he tried to stop his hands from

shaking. However, it was pointless. “I am sorry but I need to see the rest,” he whispered

through his gritted teeth.

Chris was speechless by the time Hunter had somehow fixed Maya’s second ear.

However, the man’s words nearly stopped his heart.

“Would you gentlemen please give her a little privacy,” Hunter requested as his

breaths became ragged. He felt the others turn away from her before he tried to give her a

reassuring nod. He tried to concentrate as his covered hand neared her small breasts. His

heart threatened to explode before he could heal her scars. He failed to restrain his groans

as she lifted her skirt. He knew he was whimpering by the time he had managed to remove

all the scars along her buttocks and hips. He activated his head covering as soon as he

finished allowing him to lean in close to her while he panted from his strain. “I am sorry but

I can’t fix everything. I have nothing to heal wounds to the heart. However, try to

remember no matter what they do, they can’t touch your soul. You have such a beautiful

soul too. It shines brighter than the cluster of Solarian stars,” he whispered as he pressed

his covered forehead to hers.

“Really?” Maya questioned as she ran her hand over her repaired long ear in


“I would not lie. Look I can show you,” Hunter lied as he removed another device

from another hidden pocket. He waved it over her as he pretended to scan her once more.

“I can’t let you look directly at it. It is that bright,” he continued to lie as he pointed it away

from her eyes before he activated it. It flashed a bright light before it began to smoke. “I

think it was too much for it,” he lied as he watched her frown turn to a smile.

“You are a good liar,” Maya replied with a smile and a wink.

“I do try,” Hunter agreed as he continued to struggle to breathe.


“Thank you, I will repay you some day,” Maya swore as she kissed the strange man’s


“I assure you this bill will be paid by others. That you have nothing to worry about,”

Hunter began as he ran a covered finger down her cute nose. “If you wish to do something

for me, study hard to learn everything you can. The future will need good people,” he added

before he stood. He watched her bounce away as his breaths became easier. “What I

wouldn’t do to be able to touch that fluffy tail just once,” he whispered to those who stood

around him. However, his heart skipped a beat as the little one bent over to wiggle her

fluffy tail at him while she looked over her shoulder. “I should have remembered those

ears,” he groaned before he heard her giggling delightfully, as she continued on her way. He

waited until she was out of sight before he turned his attention to those who had come with

him to escort him to class. “I am sorry, but I can’t do this today. I will try again tomorrow,”

he declared as he let his long strides carry him away, while they still stared at him with

open mouths.

“When were you planning on bringing him to the club?” Blake asked as he watched

the strange man disappeared around the corner.

“He isn’t ready,” Marcus replied as he continued to stare, where he last seen his

strange roommate turn the corner.

“Really?” Blake questioned in disbelief.

“He knows about the club and even he says he isn’t ready,” Chris explained with a


“He will be one popular man, by the time this story spreads,” Blake predicted with a

grin as he looked at Chris.

“I guess I can handle not being the new toy,” Chris replied as he returned a grin of

his own.


Chris followed his friends as they made their way to the University for another long

day of studies. They didn’t see Hunter when they returned to the dorm. Chris even checked

the gym before he started his homework.


After two days, they still hadn’t seen hide or hair of their strange roommate.

However, Chris had other things on his mind by then. He had hoped that Kyra's attitude

toward him in public would change, but it hadn’t. She was distant, guarded, and silent just

as always. She only spoke regularly with Leah and Maya. Even then, she only spoke when

either of them initiated conversation. Even though she had warmed up to him in private,

Chris knew that it would take some time to get her to let her guard down in public. Even

then, she might never be comfortable with it.

The club was closed on Tuesday once again and Chris found he was eager for class

to let out on Friday. After class, he met up with Marcus at their dorm room and they hurried

through some of their out-of-class assignments before proceeding to the club only to find

out it had been closed for Friday as well.

They were forced to wait until Saturday to return to the boiler room under the gym.

At first, Chris wasn’t sure he should continue participating in the club, after becoming so

affectionate towards Kyra. However, after thinking over what she had said he realized that

his attendance would be no different from hers or that of any other fur. They used the club

to get off and that was it. There was no love or affection involved despite the intensity or

passion of the sex. It was simply an outlet for thier lusts.

The club was alive that night. They could hear the buzz of chatter before they even

reached the bottom of the staircase. Upon entering the boiler room, they discovered why. At

the far end of the room, in ring four, was the aquatic girl, which had given Chris a massage

with her slithering snake-like body coiled up in the center of the circle. Her arms were

crossed over her flat chest while her scales reflected emerald specks of light that gleamed

on the faces of nearby spectators.


As they made their way through the crowd, Chris heard several furs mention her

name was Jade, which was likely attributed to the color of her scales. When they he got

close enough to look her over in detail, he noted that she wore the same water-filled collar

around her neck as she had previously. However, the horizontal slits for gills on the sides of

her neck were spread wide as they pulsed open and then closed at a steady rate while

showing bright pink and red webs of flesh. Similarly, the vertical slit just below her pelvis on

the front of her snake-like body was surrounded by smaller and finer scales than those that

ran down her front. She was now swollen outward like a mound with the lips parting by an

inch and showing a glistening bright red snatch surrounded by thin fleshy tendrils, which

reminded Chris of a sea anemone. The tendrils expanded and shrank while they seemed to

move around of their own volition. It was as if Jade had a dozen tiny octopi hidden in her

mound and their tentacles were exploring the world outside of it.

The exotic naga-like girl flicked her tongue out as if tasting the air just as a snake

would with a thin and whip like forked tongue that extended more than six inches from her


Leah silenced the crowd so she could speak. "Tonight, Jade has agreed to join us as

a guest in ring four. However, she has requested only male partners. Sorry girls," she

announced so everyone could here.

Chris could hear a few sighs of disappointment and he could imagine why. He was

sure Jade's long dexterous tongue would probably do wonders for a female partner.

Leah announced the first round of participants, but Chris was not among them. He

made his way to the opposite end of the room to watch Marcus, who had been paired with a

male equine in ring one.

"Lance... he's new here. He looks eager. Doesn’t he? This is going to hurt," Marcus

observed nervously before he entered the ring.

Chris thought Lance was smaller than the other equines he had seen, but not by a

great deal. He still stood at least six and a half feet tall. His body was also lither, not quite


as bulky as Cole, nor as muscular as Blake was. However, he was still quite athletic looking.

His fur was a drab white, bordering on grey, and was dabbled with splotches of dark brown.

He had piercing blue eyes that were locked on Marcus with the intensity of a fur that had

yet to mate and was being overwhelmed by need.

Chris could see Lance’s fully erect horsemeat between his legs. It was just over two

feet long while averaging almost three inches thick. However, it swelled slightly at the head

and at a ring midway down the shaft. The base emerged from a taught black sheath, which

was completely bald and free of fur. Attached to the bottom of the sheath hung two large

egg-shaped balls, which were clearly discernible through his tight sack. Each one was as

large around as Chris' fist. A defined tube like hole centered on the bulging tip of Lance's

member leaked clear precum, which welled up around the hole before it dribbled down the

underside of his shaft.

Marcus stood opposite Lance in an untrained wrestler's pose. He was ready to fight

Lance for dominance. He wasn’t about to willingly take the equine's rod. As Lance

confronted him, they locked arms, while each tried to overpower the other.

At first, each matched the other's strength, but Chris could see Marcus' muscles

begin to shake from the strain first. He knew Marcus’ stamina was no match for the equine,

whom nature had built for marathons. Chris couldn’t help but wince as he watched Marcus'

left arm yielded before it buckled.

Lance seized the opportunity to twist Marcus around to pin the weakened arm behind

his back, before shoving Marcus onto the ground.

Marcus flailed and struggled beneath him in a futile attempt to break free, while

expending his energy until he relaxed out of exhaustion.

After Marcus had stopped fighting, Lance positioned his cockhead against the

canine's back end with his free hand before he pushed forward. He strained at first against

Marcus' tight hole before finally breaking through to sink in several inches. Lance strained

again once he became stuck at the second sphincter of Marcus' rectum. However, after a


few seconds he penetrated that barrier as well, before Marcus yelped as Lance buried his

entire length clear to his sheath into Marcus.

Lance buried his shaft clear to his balls to invade Marcus with more than two feet of

thick pulsing horsemeat before he pulled back until the swollen head was just at that second

sphincter. After pausing for a moment as Marcus clenched around him, he thrust forward

again to plow back into the canine's body once more. He repeated the process several times

until he pushed inward with all his might, which caused Marcus to yelp again. Marcus let out

a grunt as Lance threw his head back. Marcus' belly visibly distended as Lance's cockhead

flared to grow to three times its normal size before unloading several cups of thick equine

semen into his bowels in powerful spurts.

Lance withdrew his thick meat to leave Marcus' backdoor gaping and dripping horse

cum, before he left the ring with a satisfied smile on his face. Chris and several other furs

near the ring helped Marcus up, and sat him down against the near wall. Marcus' knotted

cock was already softening, and Chris could see that he had cum against his own chest,

which soaked his fur.

"You gonna be alright?" Chris asked as Marcus hung his head while panting. The

canine only responded by waving him away and giving a weak nod.

As Leah called the next round of participants, Chris heard his own name assigned to

ring four, which was more than a pleasant surprise. He wove his way through the crowd and

over to the waiting aquatic. He hadn’t seen who she had been paired with during the first

round, but her tentacle-ridden cunt was dripping spunk from her previous mating. The white

cream ran down her scaled body in rivets.

Jade recognized Chris as her massage patient as he approached, and she smiled at

the coincidence. "You were hard during your massage, did you want me then?" she said in a

monotone but feminine voice that was riddled with slurred letters.

Chris smiled and nodded while he dropped his boxers to reveal his erection. Jade

gave an awkward smile and beckoned him to approach, before she pulled him into a kiss.

Chris jumped in surprise as her six-inch tongue first wrapped around his own before it


plunged deep into his throat where it nearly caused him to gag. The sensation was both

sickening and erotic at the same time. He quickly became accustomed to her probing

tongue as it darted in and out of his throat as it continued to go deeper with each lick. He

soon realized that the six inches of tongue he had seen before was hardly the full length.

The appendage could reach clear down to his stomach and probably further if she forced it.

Jade plunged her tongue ever deeper while wriggling it about inside him. She tasted his

insides and left him squirming at the unusual and violating act.

At last, she withdrew her tongue to slide it across her lips in what Chris figured was a

seductive manner. As she pulled him closer, Chris looked down to see the thin fleshy pink

tentacles of her snatch sprouting outward. Some extended several inches towards his cock.

He couldn’t restrain his gasp as they gripped at it and wrapped around it. He could feel

them as they gripped at his balls and darted in and out of his urethra. They examined every

aspect of his member like dozens of tiny hands. Wherever they touched, he felt a slight

sting followed by spreading warmth that almost made him lose his load several times over.

He quickly realized they were obviously like the tendrils of jellyfish or anemones, which

were covered in venomous stingers. However, these seemed to be filled with some form of

aphrodisiac rather than harmful toxins.

While wrapped around his shaft, the tentacles pulled Chris forward with surprising

strength to drawing his cock into Jade's swollen mound. However, the last few inches Chris

pushed inward himself. As he entered her, Chris could feel the tiny tentacles covered the

entire canal of her sex as they continued to probe at his member after he had drilled deep

inside of her. The tentacles around the head of his cock regularly pushed themselves into

his urethral opening. He was sure some travelled several inches into his shaft before

wriggling and retreating. The sensation was nothing like Chris had expected. The only pain

he felt was from the quick stings of each tentacle, which quickly subsided as liquid warmth

and pleasure spread out from the point of the sting and through his member.

Neither Jade nor Chris even had to hump one another. Her pussy's groping tendrils

massaged and prodded his cock more frequently until Chris started moaning loud enough to

draw the attention of the crowd around him, before he blew his load. One of the tentacles

was inside of his shaft as he came. He could feel his contracting urethra gripping it, which

caused it to sting him with each ejaculation. It only served to prolong his orgasm and made


him squirt several times more. He could feel the tendrils on the outside of her cunt

entangling and squeezing his balls while stinging through the sack and goading him to

another orgasm, and another. Meanwhile, he could feel the walls of Jade's own pussy

squeezing around him. She had timed her orgasm to his. Each time her walls contracted

around him, Chris could feel a hundred tiny stings as her tentacles pressed into his member.

At last, she released him to let his cock slip out of her, which was followed by a

torrent of his seed that coated each wriggling writhing tentacle. Chris felt completely spent.

As he looked down at his shaft, he could make out dozens upon dozens of tiny red marks

where each sting had been. However, they were quickly fading as his skin returned to its

usual color. Jade kissed him once more to drive her tongue into him before he stumbled

back across the room to collapse next to Marcus, who was just now recovering from his own


"How was it?" Marcus asked as he kept his gaze on the rings while he watched the

next round of participants have at one another.

"Like having sex with a sea monster... amazing and disturbing all at once," Chris

groaned with a satisfied smile.

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Hunter continues his attempts to find his place amongst the furs, while Chris finds a new thrill at the club.

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