Dan the Mew is feeling Giggly
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hello everyone~!

Welcome to my page, I don't know what brought you but I'm glad you could stop by to visit.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I started drawing digital art in May 2013 and loving my experience I've been earning. While slow, people see and enjoy my work which puts a smile on my face, I enjoy drawing and seeing myself improve over this time is amazing, I can't believe what I have managed to do in a short time.

I personally draw a lot of pokemon art and comics, while I do draw other stuff such as Kingdom Hearts fan art, fantasy, anthro, animal art and stuff like that, I don't do them often and prefer the awesome universe that is pokemon ^w^


Adam The Chespin posted to Dan

21/09/2016 01:56

Hey there!