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My fursona has gone through a LOT of changes since I joined art communities online. I’ve continually said THIS IS IT, THIS IS HER DESIGN NOW followed by apologizing whenever I change her design. I’m not really sorry for it though. I always think I have something thats simpler and fun, but never...really did make it simpler or fun haha. In fact I had this habit of over thinking markings and such and making things a hundred times more complex, and didnt realize it until I continually tried to render them myself and said to myself “geez this is a pain why did I do this”

So it was back to the drawing board. I revisted my fursona’s older designs, and I missed some aspects of it (fluffy feet, the lighter markings on the face, etc) and also started thinking like an animator again. Simple design, fun silhouette. I thought about “what if I wanted to make a model of this and rig it.” like, think old playstation games like Spyro or Crash. Keeping those art styles in mind, I sat down when I had nothing but my sketchbook on hand (no laptop, no internet available) and this is what came of it.

I love it. ;w; It was nice to put my art back into a toony style again. I really, really missed it. This reference sheet isnt the most in depth for visual aspects, but it gets the job done haha. I really do want to make a 3D model of her though, so thats on my list of things to do for myself haha.

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