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 Hey my name is Aimee..but I loved to be called skullz fursona.. I draw all the time as I love to draw and have been drawings for about 5 years now..i started when I was 11 and that's when I found out about the furry fandom..i did draw a character of a wolf before I new about furries. I'm 17 years old and I make fursuits as well if anyone is interested :) I'm also taken before anyone decides to flirt with me heheh XD  contacts me here: the contact part doesn't work for me

Commissions for art: open

line art: (head shot) £4 (shoulders up) £5 (full bodies) £7

coloured: (head shot) £9 (shoulders up) £10 ( full bodies) £11

shaded: (head shot) £13 (shoulders up) £14 (fulls bodies) £ 15

extra character: £3

Commissions for fursuits: open ( more colours add £40 on

partials: £350

heads: £200

paws: £60

feet's: £70

tails: depends on size

art trades: open

message me for more information


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Art trade?

I wanna do a art trade with anyone up to a art trade with me?
08/09/2015 18:21


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Max Senpai

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FANATTIC posted to skullz

21/02/2016 01:07

oh my god i gotta check this more im so sorry,,,, if u wanna do a trade still im still up for it but if not i get u

Mine Nazuka posted to skullz

23/09/2015 19:11

 Thank you very much for watching me! :3 ♥

skullz · 23/09/2015 21:38

hehehe its no problem

HollowedForestCreations posted to skullz

23/09/2015 11:27

Thanks for the sub hun *huggles*

skullz · 23/09/2015 18:18

*huggles back* hehehe no problem:)

Kinaj posted to skullz

13/09/2015 10:15

 Thanks for your Subscription^^

skullz · 13/09/2015 16:56

hehe no back plz?

Kinaj · 13/09/2015 17:11

 Hmm, I don´t watch somebody just because they watched me. But you seem like a promising artist so I guess I will do this time ;3

skullz · 16/09/2015 08:58

hehehe thnx :)

Duo Theus posted to skullz

11/09/2015 01:35

 Thanks for the subscription mate

skullz · 11/09/2015 18:04

no problem :)

Zorayda posted to skullz

08/09/2015 05:27

Hey thanks for the subscription!

skullz · 08/09/2015 18:21

hehe no problem..can u subscribe me back plz? I don't have any haha

skullz posted

07/09/2015 11:13

hey everybody whats up?? :)

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