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Donovan is a travel journalist, and documents events and locales from around the world. He has a travel column called "Donovan's Delights" detailing his adventures in food, the sights, and culture of the places he's visited.


2.3 Meters · 7 Feet, 6.55 Inches


85.73Kg · 13 Stone, 7 Pound

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Donovan is a well-dressed wolf, with a wide variety of talents and even wider variety of tastes.

Standing just over six feet in height, the black-furred wolf has long, bleached white hair, which is often tied back in a ponytail if not tucked into a hat of some sort. Piercing golden eyes gaze about, taking in the sights where-ever he finds himself. If clothes make the man, he considers himself well-made; always in some form of fine, tailored suit, Donovan prefers to look the part of success, and just so happens to finds suits, vests, button-up silk shirts, and fine materials to his liking. That's not to say that he can't get down and dirty, leaving the tailored gentleman behind for a night of debauchery.

Donovan has a lean, swimmer's figure, with long legs, strong arms, and powerful shoulders. As the eye trails further down, should one catch him coming out of the water or after entertaining a happy partner or three, one would see a small patch of white fur covering his lower abdomen, highlighting his toned abs; a happy trail of close-cropped fur that stands in stark contrast to the black fur covering the rest of his form.

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