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Hullo! Welcome to this sparse-as-heck page. Mostly I fave things and am here for socializing, but if I ever get the gumption I may put up some of my writing. I'm pretty open, love to chat and have fun, so feel free to give me a poke! I love music, many many movies, RPGs, tabletop gaming, anime, cartoons, writing, reading, roleplay, and (MOST importantly) helping others out. If you have an issue you don't want to tell a lot of other folks about, just want to vent something, or whatever, I'm an open ear! Don't suffer in silence, friends, there are those out there who care, and you can note me anytime! ♥

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A note on RP: I have a fair number of OCs (which I need to get art for at some point), but if you'd be interested in some RP shenans feel free to ask :3 I RP on Skype and in WoW (Moon Guard US = Alliance, Wyrmrest Accord US = Horde). I have two 'sonas (a wolf and a dragon), and quite a few WoW characters. I'm also in Guild Wars 2 (Crystal Shores server, though it's been a bit). I'll get around to finishing up some of my OCs in the list here, but it's a labor of love.


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Donovan Blake

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Donovan is a well-dressed wolf, with a wide variety of talents and even wider variety of tastes. ...
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