soreii the Dragon is feeling Hopeful
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

yuuhei | 16 | they/it | ♈ | pan/ace

my first language is japanese so please excuse any english mistakes i do !

my draw style is inconsistent so it will not always be the same

i really like digimon and sports anime ! some of my faves are haikyuu and oofuri


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i keep leaving im so sorry omg im gonna try to use this site more but i bet i will forget again
27/12/2016 21:15


hi sorry for disappearing again i took a unnoticed hiatus sorry but im gonna back on top of things soon thank you!
17/12/2015 12:59


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Male · Dog · Asexual · Cancer
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09/04/2016 01:24


Nonbinary · Dragon · Asexual · Aries
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09/04/2016 01:18


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spectre04 posted to soreii

28/11/2016 01:22

omg i love haikyuu too(I read your bio)!! can I ask who your fave character is? :3

soreii · 27/12/2016 21:19

aaAA cool!!! my fave is definitely nishinoya! im actually super behind on the anime i havent even finished season 2 aH

Auggie posted to soreii

09/09/2015 01:31

 Thanks fur the sub :33

soreii · 09/09/2015 21:29

your welcome !

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