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So.... I made a Mistake.

Published: 5 months ago

Hello there.

Last year I accepted a commission, it was a $30 commission, of a character and a partner, doing the nasty, in two different poses. I was given some references and the desired poses. Fair enough. I was given permission to post the final drawings, the first one on my social media, and the second one as a Patron Exclusive for $15.
Everything was OK until I found out a couple of days ago that the character that I was asked to draw was in fact an avatar. Basically, it's a character that represents a real life person. I didn't knew that, I thought it was a random anime girl, but it ended up being a character used as a persona, as an avatar.
I made a terrible mistake.
I'm totally against drawing RL people or avatars depicting RL people doing this kind of stuff, so I'm really, really sorry for doing it without making any previous research. I just took the word of my client and drew her based on the references, not thinking for a second that it was a real person, or at least a depiction of a real person.
I'm really ashamed, and I promise I'll do more research in the future, to avoid this kind of misunderstandings.
To the real girl behind that avatar: If you have come across my drawing, I'm really sorry, I apologize for soing that, but I ddin't knew, really. Never meant to do any harm. My sincere apologies. I promise this won't happen again.
The original images have been removed and I re-drew the poses with another character, this time a fictional one.

Hope you can understand.


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