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Hello there!!!

Today's my Patreon Anniversary!

To celebrate I'm giving these two fanarts for all my Patrons!

That's right! Two extra characters for all who pledge at least USD 1!!!

As March is the Pink Haired Characters month, we have two extra characters showing up:

- Amy Rose, from the Sonic the Hedgehog game series

- ChibiUsa, from the Sailor Moon manga/anime series. I drew her from the episode 158, were she has her age switched with Usagi's, by the powers of Palla-Palla, so yeah, I drew her all gown up!

Hope you like this small token of appreciation to all who supports my work!

And remember: there are a couple of variants of these in the  $5 and $7 Tiers!

Check out my Patreon!


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