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Hello there!

We're already on April!  
We already had Blondies' monthPink haired month... so April's gonna be Brunette's month!!!
Our spotlight this month goes to:

Liz Bandicoot from the Crash Team Racing videogame series, she'll appear in April the 7th.
Dark Queen from the Battletoads videogame series, she'll appear in April the 21st.

Remember that exclusive content with the same characters will be available at different Tier-Rewards at my Patreon!
Also you can have the Nude version of this drawing RIGHT NOW for just USD3! (New Tier!)

Hope you like it!


Bryce · 01/04/2020 10:24 · 3 Replies

Is this an April fool's prank?

sourpusscheers · 01/04/2020 17:37

No, it's no! I totally forgot today's April's fools day! xD
But no, these are the characters for this month and the new Tier at Patreon is going to be available from now on!

Bryce · 26/04/2020 20:06

I think it's passed...

sourpusscheers · 01/05/2020 02:25

Oh? Didn't get that...


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