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Hello there!

I'm very-very sorry for the late update.

I had a chaotic and super busy month... I barely could finish the images for June, I just finished updating all the variants of the main drawings.

So... June and July would be a Double feature month! June and July would be the RedHeads Months!

Sally Acorn (from Sonic SAT AM Cartoon Series) and Mink (from Dragon Half manga series) are June's characters, and we'll get a new couple of redheads on July! They'll be announced soon!

Sally and Mink main images are already available on my Social Media and Patreon Sites, the exclusive Patreon images for them will be available during the next weeks (expect a couple of different super hot poses for Sally and Mink!) I know things have slowed down a little bit but my real life job has been sucking up my free time.

Thanks a lot for the patience and support, I hope everything gets back on tracks ASAP.


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