sourpusscheers the Cat
Artist Type: Digital Artist

I like cartoons, anthro, videogames and anime.
And I like H cartoons, H anthro, H videogames and H Anime too!


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This site is dead.

Seems Furiffic has died. No feedback whatsoever in months. I'm not longer posting my art here. if you wanna follow me, try my other Social Media: Patreon: {} Newgrounds: {https://...
2 months ago

So.... I made a Mistake.

Hello there. Last year I accepted a commission, it was a $30 commission, of a character and a partner, doing the nasty, in two different poses. I was given some references and the desired poses. Fair enough. I was given permission to post the final drawings, the first one on my social media, an...
4 months ago


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AutisticWerehog posted to sourpusscheers

07/03/2020 14:25

Just subscribed to you! UwU

sourpusscheers ยท 07/03/2020 22:05

Thank you! =D