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11/06/2016 22:08

commissions open

Well, I just found out I'm going to have to drop 300+ dollars for car repairs, so... I'd love to grab some commissions. I'll be starting on them Thursday (first paid, first served) and working through them as I am able (planning on doing at least one a day). I WOULD start working on them tomorro...
31/05/2016 19:19


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09/06/2016 18:07


Eddie posted to spinnettie

15/06/2016 10:48

Boop! ^^

spinnettie · 15/06/2016 15:08


Bun Fluffpaws posted to spinnettie

13/06/2016 13:16

*places a cupcake on your page* Heya! 

spinnettie · 13/06/2016 16:20

hey there!
and thanks for the cupcake