Vixi's shocking meal
WARNING: this contains soft digestion (soft vore. Eating the prey whole and digesting it). If you don like it, then don't look at and get OFF OF HERE!!!
Rated V for Vore
It was a nice warm day in the forest. Vixi was taking a nap near a lake. She suddenly woke up hungry. Her stomach growled violently. So she decided to go hunt some live prey. She sniffed the air and smelled something. It smelled good. She walked towards the source of the smell. She saw a young male Pikachu sleeping peacefully.
"Looks like it's my lucky day today. He looks delicious!" She whispered to herself. She then quietly got in leaping distance and pounced on the Pikachu, waking him up immediately.
"Hey! What's going on? What are you doing?" The Pikachu asked.
"Oh, be quiet!" Vixi answered.
"WHO ARE YOU?! AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" The Pikachu demanded.
"I am Vixi. And you will find out what I want and what I am doing." She replied as her stomach gurgled loudly.
"Wait!" Pikachu replied. Vixi opened her mouth wide. "WAIT!!! D-" Vixi shoved his head in her maw, muffling his cries for help. She caressed his face in saliva and shoved him down her throat. She was at his waist now. She then sat and tilted her head up, with her forepaws on the Pikachu's feet. When most of Pikachu's upper body was in her mouth, Vixi let go and sat on her haunches, now letting gravity do the work as Pikachu flailed his feet. She then closed her mouth around Pikachu's feet and pushed them in with a forepaw and felt the big bulge in her neck quickly move down to her belly.
"Let me out!!! NOW!!!" Pikachu said as his wiggled and squirmed around in Vixi's stomach.
"Sorry, this isn't your lucky day. It's MINE!!! Enjoy yourself while you can for the last few hours of your life." Vixi said as she gave out a very loud belch. She then rubbed and patted her big bulging belly, now her size.
"I hope I give you indigestion!!" The Pikachu replied.
"You wish!" Vixi replied viciously. She then lied down and nuzzled her big belly. She took a nice long nap as her prey digested while she slept.
Later that day, Vixi woke up to find her stomach half as big as it was before. She jiggled it and laughed as she felt it slosh around.
"Hehe! Sloshy sloshy belly!" She said as she jiggled it some more. She then looked around. "I wonder who else's unlucky day it is today?" She then walked around to go find another meal.
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 This is my second vore story I do believe...this one is better quality than the Mightyena vore story, but still no critiques please! ^^ my writing has improved still.

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