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I am a male Over The Road Commercial Vehicle Operator (I are a Truck Driver). I wander around the Lower 48 states of America, never really welcome wherever I show up, and leave shortly afterward for another place. I have been (nearly) everywhere. I recently added Fargo, North Dakota, as well as Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And now I have all of the lower 48 and parts of Canada. Anyway, I like Furry Art, yiff, and femme-bois.

My characters are named Straycat, Rita LeMew, CrackerJack Casanova, and Rae Dios

these are my characters. do not, I repeat DO NOT USE THEM WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ME. I will NOT grant permission unless you ask me WAY in advance, and get my approval for the concept, and initial sketch of any commission you get me to agree to.

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can 2020 get any worse?

3 months ago I had to put my cart into the shop for repairs, both 'tone rings' on the left side of my car were damaged and it required a week in the shop to fix. with all the labour and part is cost me $1,600 on my way to work today, not 4 miles from my house, there was a loud POP, and the prima...
8 months ago

tarot and rune readings

on the advice of a friend I will now take Tarot and rune reading commissions. paypal me $20 and you can either ask me the question or see what the cards have to say. I work 40+ outside in 90+ heat, and it's a hour drive there and back each day, so it might take a couple days to do your reading. P...
16/07/2019 22:26


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