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Hey hello hey!!

I'm Sparky Ryan Howard, and i'm a digital artist!!

i draw a lot of ferals but I'm slowly but surely getting used to anthros!!

my roster of characters is currently at 80.


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commissions are open!!

hey there guys!!! i just wanted to tell you that i do have commissions open, you can see my prices here: Submission by supernerdo13 {/supernerdo13/view/133825} and thanks for considering me!!
30/04/2018 00:05

free art raffle!

there's more info to be found here {}
06/12/2015 05:34


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Nonbinary · Fox · Asexual · Sagittarius
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Nicknames Spakster, Spraky
03/11/2015 19:28


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Species: coyote
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