Terri Mouse the Mouse is feeling Tired
Artist Type: Cartoonist

Terry Sender... congrats. That's my real name. Well, at this point, it's practically my "dead name", as well; as you might be able to tell from the name of my archive (not to mention the different user icon) that I've since gone trans. Terry Mouse was me up until sometime relatively early in 2019, when I decided that I'm not quite as masculine as I once tried to make myself out to be. While I haven't had my name officially changed as of yet, I still prefer that people regard me as Terri rather than Terry.

Semantics, I know. I also prefer that people use feminine pronouns (she/her) when referring to me rather than the old masculine ones I grew up with.

Primarily, I used to identify as a mouse. These days, I'm somewhat torn between mouse, rat, and (of all things) lime green husky. Because I'm fucking magical and special and Queen of the Sunshine Fairies or some bullshit like that (and note that is specifically a lime green husky; I'm not one of those Goddamned "sparkle dogs" and never intend to become one).

Favourite Food


• during Warehouse 23 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, Terry Rand Mitchell was a police sketch artist from the town of South Ashfield, Tennessee just a few miles southeast of Silent Hill Tennessee, which in turn was a few miles southeast of Lynchburg, Tennessee

• during City of Heroes, Terry Rand Mitchell was a creation of Forward Motion Laboratories before Crey Biotech bought the lab out, in which he instead fled to the Rogue Isles to join up with The Family before almost blowing his own younger sister away during a bank heist, then going turncoat and actually gunning down his fellow Family members before kicking his combat shotgun to the closest law enforcer and surrendering

• on Tapestries MUCK, plays the role of an art teacher at a school for Wayward Furs


1.73 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.11 Inches


81.83Kg · 12 Stone, 12.4 Pound

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• occasionally a smoker

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Above is one of the many assorted flavors of Terri/Terry Sender. Not always a mouse, not always male (in fact, rarely male these days).

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Get in touch with me with ideas, and I'll either approve or shoot you with a shotgun. Chances ride with that shotgun!