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Malcolm Lompur is the results of a couple of situations, to be honest. First off, for a job that I was working around four years at when I was still a resident of Orlando, FL (said job being Laboratory Corporation of America), I had started taking my iPod Touch 8 GB G1 to work with me so I could at least listen to my favorite tunes as I was doing glorified data entry with the distinct risk of catching Hepatitis B or worse every single night and consequentially being "worked like a dog", Malcolm for a while became my fursona. He was also a full time Chief of Security working for [REDACTED] (effectively working under a pair of mad scientists to keep their secret lab, well, secure).

The song in question that inspired Malcolm, though, was Big Ass Rock. And yes, I know that song is loaded with suicidal messages. That's because, when the two mads from [REDACTED] first run into Malcolm, he is suicidal. What the two mads do, however, is show him that, hey, work with us as our disposable Chief of Security, and you can die as many times as you want and/or need, and we'll just keep bringing you back with a new clone body.

Malcolm's now the Chief of Security for [REDACTED], and canonically, he's currently on Clone #144. He just keeps working in his three piece suit and noosenecktie and his Remington 870 with custom shotgun slugs made specifically by [REDACTED] and he's just fine.


1.73 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.11 Inches


65.5Kg · 10 Stone, 4.4 Pound

Eye Colors

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minorly tough

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Malcolm Lompur is the unusually depressed Chief of Security for [REDACTED], and while he gets killed frequently, he always returns to finish the job. Such dedication!

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  • Created: 09/01/2020 01:05
  • Updated: 11/01/2020 09:23


Open to role-playing

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Keep in mind that unless you're part of [REDACTED], Malcolm isn't going to just up and confess where he works late at night until the following afternoon.