Terri Mouse the Mouse is feeling Tired
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Franklin "BV" Voop

Female · Puppet · Asexual · Leo
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames BV, Bitch, Bitch Voop, Please no not her again
♪ Boy the way Glen Miller played Songs that made the hit parade Guys like us we had it made Tho...
23/02/2020 02:46

Shak the Shark

Other · Shark · Asexual · Taurus
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Delicious Candy, Why Can't You Swim?!
Shak the Shark is a very expressive shark puppet made by Folkmanis Puppets that's incredible expr...
09/01/2020 03:28


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Species: wolf
Artist Type: cartoonist
Mood: geeky
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Joined 02/03/2020 14:27


Species: alien
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: grateful
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Joined 02/01/2020 20:41


cwzstudios posted to Terri Mouse

11/04/2020 05:15

Thanks for all the favs!

AutisticWerehog posted to Terri Mouse

03/03/2020 01:41

Hey! I just subscribed to you! :)

Terri Mouse · 08/03/2020 19:18

And I just subscribed back!

AutisticWerehog · 08/03/2020 21:04 · 1 Reply

Thanks! You mind favoriting and commenting on some of my art? UwU

Terri Mouse · 10/03/2020 22:20

Sure, I'll get to that Soon™!

cwzstudios posted to Terri Mouse

10/01/2020 06:13

Thanks for the sub and fav!

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