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Hey there! TGS here, I'm someone who loves to comment puns related to the art that I draw, and in due time, I'll livestream games like Destiny and Halo 5 on my Twitch. Au revoir!


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Sad shit.

My eldest cat Max who has been a friend and pet of mine for longer than I can remember, has finally passed. Rest in peace, sweet kitty cat. R.I.P Max the cat. 2001-2016.
03/01/2016 13:29

Is anybody willing to trade a Destiny [360] Season Pass for art?

Long story short, I bouht the Legendary edition of TTK, and it came with a season pass code (TDB and HoW) that I don't need. Code is for the XBOX360 version of the game. (I'll PM the code to whoever actually decides that this is a good offer.) i really don't care what kind of art, be it SFW or NS...
15/12/2015 21:23


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My fursona.
11/11/2015 21:12


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