Alex the Dragon is feeling Busy
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I'm much more active on FA / Weasyl / FN

That's a lot of sites for me to keep track of as it is. 

Maybe I'll become active here if I get more motivation to.


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I'm not dead

I'm not dead here, I promise. I'm much more active on FA - so if you wish to get ahold of my for any reason, I suggest you message/note me there. I do check here often but I'm not nearly as active - I just mostly post my art here that I've already posted on my FA. If you do not have an FA but st...
16/09/2015 21:28
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Update - for those who care

Hello there followers! I know almost none of you read this or really interact with me at all, but on the off-chance there are some of you who care about my well-being - this update is for you! To start off, life at home has not been good. I don't really want to go into too much detail but it's c...
12/08/2015 18:15


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