The Jam Shark the Shark is feeling Hungry
Artist Type: Digital Artist


I am a musician as well as a digital artist. I like to create and share content with others just for fun. You can download my music on my website: if it's not available for download on this site. My artwork can be viewed on here and you can even watch me do speedpaints of my drawings here:

Things to draw next

1. Gift for: Of his character (Miami the B-2).

2. Draw The Jam Shark - New profile pic for 2020

3. Draw another picture of Oscar The Flytrap

4. Finish drawing a Doberman that i started long ago.

5. Finish drawing a Sailfish that i started long ago.

6. Request list entry

7. Flying a Kite (Thejamshark)

8. The Jam Shark - Out of the water

If there is anything i can help you with you can contact me here or by email: