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New Comic Coming Out

Published: 8 months ago

For those of you who've been around since I started, you'll remember the little series thing I did called "Subconscious Pleasure" in which I put Krystal in some sort of weird dream scape hallucination situation where she had sex with a blue latex wall and a giant, more "evil" version of herself with a dick.

You might even know that I based my Kate character off of that scenario, since I liked the idea of an "evil" version of Krystal and wanted to do that before I made her into her own character.

I've been wanting to make another one of those for the longest time, I just couldn't come up with some sort of idea that would work in this scenario. I didn't just want to make a continuation with the same dickgirl Krystal and all that, since I think it would get a little boring.

Well after a while of thinking about it I've finally come up with a solid enough idea that I could actually work with. Was thinking the other day about Kira and her abilities to manipulate people's body shapes and how sexy that would be if that would happen to someone while they're wearing clothes but no ripping and that's when I finally came up with the idea of my next feature.

No it will not contain Kira in it, just Krystal again going through a mindfuck, but this time with a little bit more setting up and slower than before.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a friggen comic, my very first ones.

I have no idea how many pages there's going to be, but I have a pretty solid grasp as to how it's going to end and all that, and I'm very excited to reveal it all to you once it's all done!

I hope you're as excited as I am for the new comic. I can't tell you when it's gonna be released but it shouldn't take a long time, anyways. :P Posted using PostyBirb

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