themnax the Green lananaran cat
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green is a good color.  if your a world with life, it grows on you.

word for world is forest, there is a good kind of strange, which is where you'll find satisfying wonders.

mountains, forests, cats, home.

i don't know cities, though i live in one.

my first love was model trains.  science fiction came along before computers.

yes i'm that old.

friends are nice, but a world we can all enjoy is best of all.

species is just appearance.  so is the world we are born on.

human is just a species.  if they didn't make things, would anyone know they exist?

i grew up in the woods on a mountain.

taking long walks way from people and watching trains go by.

i never left because i wanted to.  my heart and mind are still there.


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i guess i shoud

just me, the earlier me, watching trains
22/05/2016 17:10


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