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Well I might have changed my mind about Kniro, and yes, I am using that spelling again. I don't care if people have more issues pronouncing it, I like it better than "Nyro" for some reason. (It's pronounced NYE-roh. The title is an inside joke from a video lol). Partially because this redesign is somewhat inspired by his original design, as well as his PANTS design. Yeah, that design I used like once and some kid from high school kept complaining about because pants. TBH I actually liked the pants version, so yeah. If you're wondering what part of him is from his original design, well mainly his hands. Yeah, I originally removed those claw hands because I used to think they were over the top, but now I actually prefer them because of their over-the-topness. Like, he could seriously shred someone with those claws. Jeez.

Anyway, if anyone here is confused by this, especially after seeing my old art, well I'll explain. I'm currently working on improving/changing my art style. I've decided to go with a more realistic art style for my more "serious" characters. (Any of my really cartoony things I post on an alt account now but they aren't really like the previous stuff I've submitted to this gallery either). I decided to use Kniro as a sort of "test subject", and I really like how this picture turned out. I also actually prefer drawing traditionally, probably because that's what I have always done growing up. (But don't worry if you like digital art, I'll still be posting that too). But expect most of my art on this account in the future to look more like this.

Kniro wasn't on the giant character list I posted, but after him (and not including any art trades I'm owing) I will be drawing most of those characters in this sort of style. (You might not see some characters from that list on this account though, depends which series they're from).

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