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I don't use this site (at least at this point in time) mainly because I can't freaking add relationships to the character pages and it's pissing me off. It's been like this every since last year. It just keeps saying "whoops! looks like there's nothing here". I might need to make a new account to fix this but eh . . .

If you like my art, just watch my DA or FA if you can because I consistently upload to those (especially DA). The art in this gallery here doesn't really reflect my current art though.


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Whoops! Looks like there's nothing here.

Why can't I seem to add relationships to my characters? For both the "choose author" and "choose character" options I just get "Whoops! Looks like there's nothing here." Is this happening to everyone?
27/11/2017 04:49


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19/12/2017 19:45

Fangs the Coyote

22/11/2017 07:04


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