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Terms of Service 2019

The Following are my Terms of Service when you agree to commission me
2 months ago

End of Semester update

My uni semester is coming to a close this week
4 months ago


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tofubread posted

10 months ago

poke poke

logging in here after idk how long. are people still here?

tofubread posted

09/11/2015 23:15

Welp, i somehow disappeared from here for a while XD

let's try again

Dragon Massiel posted to tofubread

10/09/2015 22:25

Yay \o/ Happy to see you made a account here.

tofubread · 11/09/2015 04:14

 indeed! :D

ee posted to tofubread

10/09/2015 07:39

*huggles* i cant wait till u start posting!!

tofubread · 11/09/2015 04:14

 thanks ee ^^

Sjru posted to tofubread

10/09/2015 02:55

 Rwar :3

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