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Terms of Service 2019

Published: 29/05/2019 14:40

The Following are my Terms of Service when you agree to commission me. Please read as it is important to follow.

- When you are commissioning me, you agree to allow me the time to work on a piece of content for you and that you will be contacted either via the website you contacted me in or via a social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or mesenger apps like Telegram and Discord to be updated regarding said piece. Messenger apps are preferred as they are the fastest way to reach me, but the rest can work fine and you will be given updates or receive inquiries about any changes to be made if the piece is still within the sketch phase.

- There will be no changes made once the sketch phase is done unless it is something I have forgotten and needs to be pointed out. It will be under my discretion for that decision, but it will most likely be a detail i might ask if you want after the fact, but such revisions will be rare and only necessary if i feel i missed something important. Large revisions, such as redrawing a character is not acceptable past the sketch phase. The Sketch phase is best for revisions if necessary, and such details will be ask for prior.

- There are Do's and Don'ts with my art. I am ok with drawing and want to practice more: Humans, Furries, Males, Females, Transformation pieces, muscle, environments, backgrounds. The things i am not ok with are: Most other kinks; hyper, inflation to name a few. If i feel the content is uncomfortable, i will decline the commission. I do not mind drawing fanart or other characters, even if its say movie characters or game character pieces, but if it involves said characters doing something that would be out of character or impractical, i will decline. 

- Payment: This is important to know. Due to a few past recipients not paying on time, or avoiding to pay outright, these are the rules being implemented. What will happen is when i accept sketch commissions, they must be paid upfront; no exceptions. If it is a larger commission, such as inks, flats, or full, you will be shown a sketch picture first, and then be given 3 days to pay for the picture. Should you fail to pay within that time limit, your commission is no longer yours and is forfeit to be a YCH for someone else. YCH customers will also be given 3 days to pay for the slot they bid/buy on once said YCH period ends.

This is my terms of service and may or may not be updated in the future with more details as i progress. 

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